The Goodall Family - Eilidh Goodall
 Eilidh Anne Goodall was born to Alan & Anne Goodall (née Sutherland) on the 9th of August 2000 at West Middlesex Hospital, Isleworth.

Eilidh is cosy in her mother's 'tummy'
Another scan, and everything's in perfect order
Eilidh enjoying Sheila's often-rehearsed rocking

Eilidh has Ian (or at least his camcorder) in her vision
Eilidh Anne Goodall at 5 weeks old
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Alan & Anne's

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And a few facts:
- Eilidh was 6lbs 13ozs at birth
- Anne, the fastest new mum in the world, made it all look too easy
- Eilidh is the gaelic form of Helen, meaning 'bright one'
- Alan was present throughout the birth and he didn't faint!
- Eilidh is pronounced A-Lee (as in ceilidh without the c)

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