The Goodall and Motion Family History by Bill Goodall

In August 1990 my Mother, Moira Goodall (Katherine Moira Goodall), suffered a severe stroke leaving her without speech (but with hearing) and partially paralysed. Seeing Mother in her condition helped the family reflect on the many happy times in the past and made us also realise how little we knew about the history of our family.

My Dad, Bill Goodall, agreed to produce his personal version of our family history, written at a particularly traumatic and difficult time, in the months immediately prior to Mother's death in September 1991. With the advent of the Internet, I decided to publish to a wider audience as it may be of interest to others with, or seeking, links to the family.

Sadly too, my Aunt Catherine (Dad's sister and my cousins Robin, Jane & David Wyatt's mother) died in 1997 in Australia.

I would like to express our thanks to Dad for giving the family this detailed and unique window on our past.

In a later edition of this history I hope to include old photographs, press cuttings and documents in my possession. Where I have added to Dad's original this is shown in square brackets.

 Ian Goodall
January 2000

© 2000 William Motion Goodall & Ian William Goodall 

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