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 The Goodall Family History
  This section is for individual contributions considered helpful to building up a picture of the history of our family (not just Goodall but Davie, Stewart, Fawkes, Davies, Sutherland, McLellan and Motion). Compose an essay or send an e-mail, a letter or a photograph or any information which helps to weave a more complete web on the Web.

 We have three contributions to date:

The Goodall & Motion History by Bill Goodall

The Davie History by Dorothy Swanson

The Motions of Scotland by James Motion

To see our Family Tree(s) please click here.

We are keen to hear from anyone who can provide information about (or web links to) any member of our "Goodall" family. Contributions can be sent by e-mail to All sources will, unless otherwise requested, be acknowledged when published.