The Davie Family History by Dorothy Swanson

My Dad, William Motion Goodall ("Bill" or "Billy") produced his personal version of the Goodall and Motion family history, written in mid-1991.

Whilst writing the 'Goodall & Motion Family History' my Dad expressed the hope that his wife, Katherine Moira Goodall ("Moira"), might be able to contribute information from her side of the family. Sadly, Mother died having failed to regain her speech following her stroke in 1990 and so was unable to directly contribute.

Mother had two sisters - Marjorie Davie (married Dr Laurens Van Lottom) and Dorothy Davie (married firstly Tom Whitfield and later Charles Swanson). Dorothy has a daughter, Margaret Lawton, who now lives in New Zealand. Marjorie and Laurens (who both died in the 1980s) had no children .

Dorothy, Mother's younger sister, agreed she would help to fill in some 'gaps' and she has kindly written two accounts from her perspective - one on 'The Davie Family' and the other about my Mother, Katherine Moira Davie.

I would like to thank Dorothy for her contributions which are most welcome.

To read Dorothy's accounts please click on the appropriate Title:
- The Davie Family History
- Katherine Moira Goodall (neé Davie).

 Ian Goodall
December 2000

© 2000 Dorothy Swanson & Ian William Goodall 
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