The Motions of Scotland by James Motion

A theory into our origins by James Motion

In June 2000 James Motion contacted me as a result of finding information on the Goodall Family website about the Motions. James and I were able to exchange details about the history of the Motions and, in particular, to fill in gaps we both had. We also had a lot of information in common!

A short time later James indicated he had written up his theories of the origins of the name of "Motion" and asked if I would be interested in reading it. After converting it from another format and updating it, James has given permission for it to be published on this website.

I'm delighted to turn it into a web-readable document and express my thanks to James for his significant contribution to the understanding of our family origins. We both hope that by publishing it this helps other relatives find their roots as well as encouraging further feedback about the history of the "Motions".

James can be contacted by e-mail by clicking here. Ian can be contacted by clicking here.

 Ian Goodall
August 2000

© 2000 Ian William Goodall & James Motion 

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